Creating social media pages for your business and brand helps to connect a broader audience while allowing you to maximize your online reach with potential customers. When you are searching for the right network to help you grow professionally, consider creating a profile for yourself and your business using LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides a range of benefits and advantages to help with building your business, expanding your market, or even raising funds for the future of your company.


Create a Unique Story for Your Business and Brand

When you create a LinkedIn page for your business, you have the opportunity to share a unique, engaging, and memorable story for other professionals to see upon visiting your profile. Crafting a unique and engaging story for your brand is a way to stand out while also solidifying your place in any market or industry.


Compete With Established Businesses

Using LinkedIn with a well-developed and fleshed-out profile allows you to compete with businesses that are also successful and established. Properly professionally presenting yourself while making the right online connections helps to boost your reputation while driving more interest in your company and brand.


Maximize Your Global Reach and Online Presence

LinkedIn is a way to connect with professionals, investors, and other self-started entrepreneurs from around the globe. Additionally, because of LinkedIn’s global popularity, using it to promote your business and brand is ideal for SEO, or search engine optimization. Anytime you search for your professional name or the name of your company using today’s top search engines, your official LinkedIn page and URL is likely to appear.


Establish Your Expert or Leadership Status

Use LinkedIn to establish your own status as an expert in your field or industry. Share your knowledge, achievements, education, and work experience using a customized resume page builder available once you are registered with an account.


Connect With Partners, Investors, and Other Entrepreneurs

Connecting with other potential investors, partners, and entrepreneurs is one of the most significant tools LinkedIn has to offer. When you can quickly search for and connect with other entrepreneurs within your field, drastically increase the number of potential professional opportunities you have available to you.


With LinkedIn, ensure you are maximizing the number of professional connections you have at all times while properly expanding and scaling your business.


Nick Zamucen is an awarding winning serial entrepreneur, author, and business strategist. Check out his Twitter or read more on his entrepreneur advice!