There’s no denying that social media is the best way to connect with consumers in today’s digital landscape. While that’s generally true, how you use social media is just as important as maintaining your online presence. By being among the first to take advantage of new trends, you’ll help your brand create a memorable and enduring mark.

Video Content is on the Rise

We’ve seen this prediction every year for the past few years and that’s because the popularity and effectiveness of video content continuously increases. Users share video content 85% more than they share other types of visual images and studies show that as much as 95% of the information shared in videos is retained longer in the brain. This makes utilizing video for brand building and marketing purposes that much more enticing.


Live Streaming Presents Unique Opportunities

A live stream is a special type of video presentation that isn’t pre-recorded and provides a more interactive experience. For this reason, celebrities, politicians, and businesses all use live streaming to reach the public. By the year 2020, live streaming is expected to evolve into a $70.5 billion market. For business, live streams can be used to share company news, introduce new products, offer free tutorials, or host a Q&A session with consumers.


Augmented Reality Improves the Customer Experience

We first saw augmented reality, or AR, used with mobile video games like Pokemon Go, but the technology has evolved considerably in the past year or so. It involves using a camera or video recorder to capture a real environment and overlaying images or animations. It has been used by interior designers to show homeowners how their completed living spaces will look and by cosmetics companies to show how a certain shade of lipstick will look on a consumer. In the future, the use of AR is expected to expand into a variety of sectors, helping consumers see how new products will affect their lives.


There are more innovations coming our way that will help businesses improve the marketability of their products. As social media networks, such as Facebook, bring an end to free audience reach on social media, businesses will have to look at new innovations to help them bond with consumers. For every tech advance we see, there will undoubtedly be a way to adapt that product to help us improve our marketing and advertising strategies.