How do you motivate yourself and stay happy at a job you’ve had for years? It’s a tough question, but we have a few ideas for you to consider. Here are four ways to renew your enthusiasm for a long-term job.


Keep Learning

Never stop getting better at what you do. Taking time out of your day to learn might seem less than ideal if you aren’t someone who reserves a portion of their time for self-education, but you may be surprised to find that learning new skills is incredibly motivating. Seeing projects through from start to finish that utilizes a skill you’ve recently learned is empowering. You’ll likely find yourself excited to take on new projects at work, to contribute to other departments, and to take on new roles.


Get More Involved in Your Industry

Are there meetups in your city related to the industry you work in? One way to relight the fire and get excited about your job again is to attend meetups, talks, and seminars about cutting-edge technology in your industry. At these events, you’ll have the opportunity to network with other professionals in your field. You can get involved outside of work in different ways as well. As someone who has held a position for several years, you’re probably an expert at what you do. Read blogs about your industry and consider starting one of your own. Are there social media influencers in your field? How much experience do they have? You might be able to carve out a name for yourself online which will revitalize your enthusiasm for your job and motivate you to do even better.


Get to Know Your Coworkers

When you’ve been with the same company for years, you’ll get used to seeing people come and go. After a while, you might find yourself working with an entirely new staff. Even if you feel burnt out, consider getting to know your new coworkers and taking it upon yourself to find a few new work buddies. Forging friendships with your coworkers can take a tedious job and turn it into something you look forward to every day.


Switch It Up

A routine is an essential tool for many high-achievers. Having a routine that is too strict might have the opposite effect, however. Refresh your daily schedule by switching things up a little – find a new lunch spot, go on break with a coworker, reconfigure your desk setup, or add a little personal flair to your office with decor and fun office supplies.


Nick Zamucen is an awarding winning serial entrepreneur, author, and business strategist. Check out his Twitter or read more on his entrepreneur advice!