Becoming an entrepreneur takes a massive amount of time and determination than choosing to be an employee in a particular organization. A significant number of potential entrepreneurs are highly interested in formulating their entrepreneurship terms rather than adhering to the traditional terms. Here are some of the books that potential entrepreneurs can read to get great entrepreneurship.


The $100 Startup, Chris Guillebeau

Guillebeau notes that a significant number of individuals have a goal of becoming entrepreneurs; however, they lack the necessary passion and zeal to push towards attaining their goals. This book works towards informing potential entrepreneurs on how to come up with the required motivation and enthusiasm that will help them achieve their goals and objectives. Chris notes that there are more than fifty entrepreneurs, some of which he has highlighted, that have started an empire with less than $100.


Tribe of Mentors, Tim Ferris

This is a book that is focused on making the life of an entrepreneur better. It is common knowledge that most of the entrepreneur fails to achieve their goals and objectives because they are overwhelmed by either the tasks ahead or the weight of expectation. This book contains some actionable plans that any person with the vision of becoming an entrepreneur in future can implement. Some prominent individuals like Maria Sharapova and Chris Anderson have provided some few tips on how one can remain confident and motivated.


Bad Blood, John Carreyrou

The experienced journalist who has won several awards of being the best Wall Street Journal exposes what exactly needs to be done to start and sustain a startup. John is not only on discussing the actions of some of the companies that started humbly just to become later global companies that have a significant impact in the industries they are operating. He also discusses some of the companies that were promising but failed to live to their status.


Outlier, Malcolm Gladwell

This is one of the best-selling entrepreneurship books in the industry. In this book, Gladwell focuses on telling entrepreneurs that conducting research is an essential component in the progress of any startup. It is common knowledge that no single business can achieve its goals and objectives without researching with the aim of making its operations cheap and efficient.