The key to keeping employee morale high is to ensure they feel valued as members of the team. When you boost morale, efficiency is also improved, so helping your employees feel like they’re important in the organization is in everyone’s best interests. What can you do to promote these feelings among your workers, though?

Show Your Appreciation

This doesn’t even have to cost anything. Take a walk around the facility and tell your employees how much you appreciate their work. A handshake or a thank you goes a long way toward helping employees feel good about their jobs.

Offer New Opportunities

Promotions may only come around once in awhile, when someone retires or is let go, but that doesn’t prevent you from offering other kinds of opportunities. Let your employees take the lead in a new project or select high performers to take on a highly visible assignment. You might even offer to pay for some employees to attend an out of town conference, as a reward for past performance.

Place Your Trust in Your Employees

If you can do things that will let your employees feel more independent, this will boost their confidence and their efficiency will improve. By assigning tasks and letting them complete them unsupervised, your employees will feel better about their jobs. You may even be surprised by what they can accomplish on their own.

Reinvest in the Work Environment

By investing in the workplace, your employees will feel as though you care about their working conditions. You might consider updating the air conditioning, improving break room amenities, or providing rubber mats for workers who stand for prolonged periods. Anything that improves the working environment will make your employers feel valued.

Let Employees Share in the Process

You can also access untapped talent by letting your employees share in the decision making process. Share a particular problem or challenge and let your employees offer solutions on how best to solve the dilemma. They may come up with a novel approach and, if you use their ideas, they will feel a deeper connection to the organization.

Getting your employees involved in the business and showing you have admiration for their hard work can lead to improved company morale. When your employees feel appreciated, those good feelings will filter into the quality of their work. In the end, taking a greater interest in your employees will lead to them taking a greater interest in the business.


Nick Zamucen is an awarding winning serial entrepreneur, author, and business strategist. Check out his Twitter or read more on his entrepreneur advice!