You are a leader in your company. Whether you got the position as a promotion, you started the business or another reason, you now have certain responsibilities. One of your responsibilities will be to lead others in the company. Whether it is 1 or 100 people, you want them to view you as an approachable leader. You will get better feedback and gain more opportunities to improve your leadership abilities.


Daily Greetings

Greet other employees. Whether it is the CEO or secretary, give a friendly “good morning” or “hello” when you see them. When you greet everyone, it conveys that they matter to you and you don’t only focus on certain people. Learn people’s names as well. This can make your greetings more personal and show that you care as a leader. One common mistake is asking how someone is and then rushing their answers. You want genuine conversations if you don’t have time to discuss how they are, just give a “hello.”


Offer Help

Don’t wait for employees to always come to you with problems. Asking how you can help can show an employee you care and are listening to their problems. It also shows that you are ready to help aid them with coming up with a solution. Let them discuss their problems and the help they want and then give your suggestions for problem-solving. Give them clear steps to get to a solution and follow-up to see how the situation turns out. One thing you should not do is take on their tasks as your own. Give them the power to grow and solve their own problems but with your support.


Ask For Help

Open up your problems to your team and see if any of them have ideas to help with your situation. Be specific with your problem you are trying to solve and the help you are looking for. You can find out the abilities your employees have. Don’t constantly go to the same person with your problems. Make sure you are giving everyone on the team the ability to help.



You want your employees to view you as an approachable leader. If your calendar is constantly busy and you look like you don’t have time to talk, employees will not approach you with problems they may have. You don’t need to have hour-long conversations with employees unless needed but make yourself available to talk to them about work or nonwork matters. Go for a walk or get coffee to get to know them. Show you are invested in them and what they have to say.


There is a stigma in the business world of the boss or upper management of not being approachable or scary. Ideas can flourish when employees feel comfortable talking to their bosses. Make sure you give your employees the chance to help better the business you invest your time into.