Congratulations on starting a new job! Just as you begin to relax because you landed a position, it’s time to turn your attention to figuring out how to guarantee success in your new workplace. Here are my four helpful tips to follow when starting a new job to ensure success and productivity!


1. Start Before Your First Day

Getting ahead of the game before your first day is an easy tip to follow. Laying the groundwork before you start can help provide a smooth transition and prevent you from being overwhelmed the first day. Talk with your new manager and ask if they have any recommendations to help you prepare or have any company reading material that you can look over. Additionally, be sure to confirm exactly where and when you should be on your first day.

2. Be Prepared

Before your first day, fill out any necessary paperwork and research the company. While you should already know the basics of your new employer, it never hurts to learn more. Be sure to also pack your paperwork, notebook, a pen, and water the night before you start. This will help you have less stress on the morning of your first day. You should also wake up earlier than you think and leave with enough time to arrive 15 minutes early. Don’t forget to ask your manager about parking!

3. Channel Your Inner Extrovert

Your first day is the best time to channel your inner extrovert. Say hello to everyone that you possibly can, and be sure to wear a smile. Introduce yourself to any and everyone you can and ask about their role in the company. If remembering names isn’t your best skill, Lynze Wardle, a freelance writer for The Muse, recommends trying to repeat the other person’s name within the first few seconds of conversation. While her tip may sound cheesy, it helps cement their name into your memory.

4. Linger Longer

If your workday ends at five, it won’t hurt to linger for longer. Finish up your assignment, take notes about your day, and write down any questions you may have. Staying a little late may also give you an opportunity to meet other employees and show your co-workers you are there to learn, not just to collect a paycheck.


Even if you are feeling nervous or anxious about your first day, remember that you will go great! The company hired you for a reason, and it’s normal to feel a little nervous about starting a new position. Try your best to stay calm and confident!


Nick Zamucen is an awarding winning serial entrepreneur, author, and business strategist. Check out his Twitter or read more on his entrepreneur advice!